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Aham Designer Boutique is an expression of Dinu Elizabeth Roy's journey of transformation from being a cabin crew at Air India Express to a full-time fashion designer and entrepreneur.

Aham Designer Boutique:

Founded in 2013, driven solely on wheels of passion and love for fashion, Dinu and her team at Aham have been fulfilling the fashion desires of thousands of women in India.

Aham is one of the most sought-after designer boutiques in Kerala. We specialize in making bridal couture, customized Wedding Gowns, Lehenga, Saree, and Accessories. Aham always has something for everyone, we have a wonderful collection of contemporary as well traditional styles to select from. We believe every woman is unique and so does their fashion expectations. We always try to bring the best out of you. If you are looking for something special, something unique, something that will stand apart, something that will make you feel unique then you can come to us. Aham will transform you from fitting in, to standing out and will make everyone's heads turn towards your flaunting elegance.

Dinu Elizabeth Roy:

Dinu Elizabeth Roy, the chief designer at Aham has already made a significant mark in customized dressmaking. She has been making a reputation for designing bespoke, customized bridal outfits and wedding attires. She is a couturier who offers designs that are an eclectic mix of customized fashion wears as well. A former cabin crew and a Masters's holder in Resource Management, Dinu forayed herself into the fashion business by establishing the Aham Boutique with the wholehearted support of her family and friends. Dinu wasn’t a trained designer, she had little knowledge in the rules and methods of age-old fashion designing.

Initially, she was the designer of her family, she chiseled out her inborn talent with the help of local tailors and craftsmen over the years. “Fashion designing is all about making the best use of one’s creativity and skills. It is something people of all ages and generations enjoy”, she says. Since young, she expressed her discernible flair in dressmaking, and every dress she wore had her signature style on it. For Dinu, designing is no less than an art and she really enjoys making exquisite pieces of art out of any fabric stuff. She has quickly become known for blending unique elegance and style into her designs, especially in creating bridal outfits. With a large number of satisfied clients and inundated client inquiries at Aham, Dinu is all set to expand her operations throughout Kerala.