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The rich and distinct culture of India reflects itself beautifully in the Indian traditional dresses. It is an identity that Indian women had taken up long back. However, salwar suits and kurta have a special place reserved among the other outfits. In an age where we scrutinize each product we use for its functionality, salwar is one such wear that has stood the test of time and emerged as one of the most functional outfits.

Are you one of those who love to explore the uniqueness the fashion industry has to offer? Then this is the right place for you. From the traditional and luxurious silk salwars to the fine-textured Chanderi salwars, explore the bests of the bests Aham offers you under your fingertip. Some of our best include:


The kind of fabrics that are so popular amongst avid traditional wearers comes with a strong presence of skilled weavers of handlooms to produce the intricate design on the cloth.


These apparent blurry designs have more than what meets the eye. Ikats with little blurriness, multiple colors, and complicated patterns are more difficult to create and hence, more expensive. However, the blurriness that is so characteristic of ikat has a special place for textile collectors.


This traditional embroidery style is one of Lucknow’s most ancient art forms, believed to be introduced by the Mughals. This handwork on the garment gives it a very subtle, classy feel that modern embroidery techniques lack.


Tussar silk reflects the exotic and untamed spirit of the wild silkworm producing it, in its feel, color, and sheen. It is quite textured, comes in a range of natural colors.


Despite of being a small town in Madhya Pradesh, Chanderi is famous for its ancient weaving expertise that still produces intricately textured cotton and silk fabrics. This material is known for its sheer texture, its lightweight, and luxurious drape.


Salwar sets This famous textile is still the first option for even the most avid fashion lovers for its durability, luxury, comfort, and overall luster. Silk’s softness has made it a hotly desired commodity throughout history.